Sunday, September 7, 2014


Coach Joey running 400m repeats with Neal Maddox

Foothill Community College Track
Monday, Sept-8, 5:30 to 7:00pm

Intermediate Distance Workout
150m-300m-150m @80%
2 sets of 150m+150m @95-100% with 30 second rest between 150’s
3 sets of 300m @75%-80%
300m-400m-300m @90%

Long Distance Workout
150m-300m-150m @80%
3 sets of 150m+150m @ 95-100% with 30 second rest between 150’s
4 sets of 300m @75%-80%
300m-600m-300m @90%

Workout Details:  By now we all know the 400m involves a lot of speed endurance but more importantly it involves long speed endurance, lactic acid buffering and tolerance. The 400m race pushes the limits of the anaerobic glycolytic energy system, but in order to maximize the body’s role of glycolysis we need to focus on 400m workouts that extend this even further. This workout will help train the lactic acid tolerance component of the anaerobic glycolytic energy systems.


  1. Are there rests between 150-300-150? How does that work? Same question for 300m sets.. Do you just run 1200m? Thanks!! Lauren

  2. Is there a prescribed rest time between the 150-300-150 runs, the sets of 300m runs, and the 300-600-300? Loving the programming! Thanks Coach!

  3. Hi Lauren and Chris, this is Coach Joey...sorry for the late response!

    The 150-300-150 is a 1:1 rest ratio, meaning you rest the amount of time it took you to complete the interval. If the 150 takes you 30 seconds, you rest 30 seconds before going into the 300. If the 300 takes you 60 seconds, then you rest 60 seconds before taking on the last 150. The 300's have 2 minutes between each interval, then rest 5 minutes before taking on the last set, whether that is the 300-600-300 or 300-400-300. The rest between those intervals is supposed to be close to full recovery, given they are very close to all out sprints. As a guideline I gave 5 minutes for the intermediate group, and 4 minutes for the long distance group. However if you need more time to recover take that time, all three intervals should be close to maximal efforts.

    I hope this helps!