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I learned how to breath through my ears and eyes today at Red Rocks, Colorado.
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Foothill Community College Track

Monday, Sept-29, 5:30 – 7:00pm

Intermediate and Long Distance Workout
1 x 1 mile (1609m) max effort

Workout Details:  A mile is 1609m (4 laps plus 9 meters).  Our mile for time will start 9 meters before the turn.   This means that the first lap will be 409 meters. 

There are two primary keys to a good mile for time.  The first is the warm-up.  It is important to know that a mile for time is 80-85% aerobic and 15-20% anaerobic.  It is also important to know that it takes your aerobic system about 90 seconds to become fully operational.   Think of your aerobic system like your car engine on a cold morning.  How long does it take for the heater to work?   Getting in a good warm up will delay the consumption of your anaerobic (glycolytic) energy system.  And trust me, if you tap this energy system too soon your body will quickly adapt by shutting down muscle fibers.

The second key is the selection of the goal time.  Most of the athletes in NC Endurance should have a solid understanding of their targeted goal time.  Typically, the opening and closing 200m is slightly faster than the balance of the mile.  Slow twitch muscle fiber athletes prefer to run slightly faster first halves.  And fast twitch athletes prefer to recruit and push their final 200m in order to have better second half. 

If I wanted to break 8 minutes for a mile, I would target the following pacing strategy:

1st 409m:  1:58-1:59
Next 400m:  2:00
Next 400m:  2:00-2:01
Final 400m:  1:58

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