Sunday, April 28, 2013


Monday @7pm Endurance Workout at Foothill:  

Intermediate Distance:
2 x 600
2 x 600

Long Distance:
3 x 600
3 x 600

For the 1st set of 600s, I will provide each athlete a targeted pace range based on their recent time trial performances.  The pace will be and even and consistent.  As example, Kedar will will target a 0:57-0:59sec/200m pace.

For the 2nd set of 600s. the target pace for the first 200m will be moderately paced and very controlled. The following 400m will push you to your anaerobic threshold.  As example, Kedar will target the first 200m in 0:65sec and the hit the return 400m in 1:50.  

Yes, the 2nd set of 600s will have the same or faster finishing times as the first set of 600s. I want each runner to learn the feeling and importance of running a negative split. 

Each NorCal Endurance athlete will be provided a 1:1 ratio of work to rest.  

Rest period includes a 100m walk.

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