Monday, July 29, 2013


2013 CrossFit Games Mens Overall Finish
Jason Khalipa:  2nd place
Garret Fisher:  5th place
Neal Maddox:  9th place

It was an amazing weekend for our Northern California CrossFit boys at the 2013 Games.  To have all three of our athletes finish in the top ten overall against the best in the world is a remarkable achievement.  I'm so incredibly proud of them.

Rich and Jason going head-to-head during Naughty Nancy.
Naughty Nancy included 2400 meters of hill running
Rich made multiple efforts to drop Jason.  Jason never let the elastic break
Garret finished Naught Nancy just behind Jason.
This past year our NorCal boys focused their training on developing their aerobic capacity and the payoff was huge.  Although the 2013 Games had many highlights, the Burden Run was my personal highlight.  This 4th Games event opened with a 2.1 mile run which gave our boys an opportunity to show the CrossFit world the importance of proper endurance training.  Garret took the lead from the opening gun and comfortably ran 5:35 and 5:45 minute miles.  And Jason evenly paced his run, finished in 16th out of 46 athletes, then quickly took the overall lead during the pig flip, and won the event.  Garret finished the Burden Run 5th overall by edging out Rich Froning on the sled pull.  

Monday July-29 @ 7pm

Track Workout:  Modified Naughty Nancy
4 x 600 with 100 yards of overhead walking lunges

  1. Complete a 600 meter interval at the provided programed pace range. 
  2. Walk to the football field end-zone, pick up your plate, and begin overhead walking lunges down the football field.  Drop plate after completing 25 yards. 
  3. Rest 4 minutes
  4. Repeat 4x

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