Wednesday, July 31, 2013


My Favorite Workout???

The most common question that I am often asked is, "What is your favorite workout?"  As you will quickly learn from reviewing our workout history - I rarely repeat workouts because we have so many options to provide the same physiological stimulus.  However, tonight's workout has been performed more than any other.  In a perfect world, I would like all our athletes to perform this benchmark workout at least once a month.


300 meters is a manageable distance - mentally and physically.  The pace is based on your 400m PR time.  Therefore, the intensity is consistent from session to session and interval to interval.  This develops and maintains your speed.  It is a good hard workout but doesn't wreck the runner.  

Wednesday Workout:  

7pm at Foothill College Track

6 x 300 meters:  100m slow walking rest + an add'l 30 seconds rest

Pace Range:  I will provide each athlete their pace range which will be based on their 400m PR time.

Goal:  The finishing times will be consistent from start to finish.  This will require you to increase your perceived exertion on each interval to hold pace.  The final 300 will feel like a sprint.

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