Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pace Targets

How do I pace the endurance workouts?  

One of the most unique aspects of the NorCal Endurance class is the specific pace ranges that are provided to each athlete prior to every workout interval.  The specific pace times are based on the workout distance, interval distance, rest, and the runner's recent PR times.  As example, last night each athlete at the endurance class was provided customized pace targets for their 200m, 600m and 400m intervals.  As I get to know each athlete the programmed pace target range becomes narrower and narrower.  Today, Jason, Garret, Pat, Miranda, and Neal were given specific times for each of their 900m intervals.  Although the targets are very aggressive, they force each athlete to run at a controlled pace based on the workout objective.  

Today our NorCal coaches ran the workout that I have programmed for our NorCal Endurance class on Jun-17 at 7pm.  I loved this workout so much that I ran it twice today - yep twice.  I highly encourage you to join our Monday class and run this same workout.

Wednesday, June-12 at 7pm, Sprint Workout

 3x (50yds, 100yds, 150yds) 

These are 100% max efforts.  Walking rest between efforts is 3x the performed distance. 

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