Sunday, June 2, 2013

2 min ON : 1 min OFF

Monday, June-3, Endurance Track Workout:  Foothill College at 7pm

6 rounds:  2 minutes ON (90% effort) followed by 1 minute OFF (rest)
***You can only accumulate distance during the "ON" portion of the workout.  Record total distance covered.

This workout is my favorite treadmill workout.  It is a benchmark workout that I use to test my aerobic and anaerobic conditioning.  The rest period is just enough to let you catch your breath and then you're running again.  On the treadmill, I track my pace/mile for each 2min ON round.  On the track, I measure my total distance covered.  

Experience has taught me to pace carefully on my first two rounds - not going out too hard.  

See you on the track!!

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