Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sprint Finishes

Monday, June-24 @7pm 
Foothill College Track

This endurance workout will simulate the finishing sprint in road races or CrossFit workouts with running finishes.  We will be running a series of 1000 meter tempo intervals with very limited rest in order to achieve that extreme leg fatigue feeling common in long races or workouts.

Intermediate Distance

4 x 800m with 2:1 work to rest, 3 x 200m 1:1 rest

Long Distance

4 x 1000m with 2:1 work to rest, 3 x 300m 1:1 rest

Ultra Distrance

5 x 1000m with 2:1 work to rest, 3 x 400m 1:1 rest

The fast finish becomes the focus of this workout.  You start the workout at a strong and sustainable tempo.  The pace for the 400s is intended to be fast - that's because you are sprinting to the finish line!!

I will provide each athlete their specific pace ranges. 

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