Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Speed Work - Wed, 7pm at Foothill Track

Great news!!  We have the football field back at Foothill.  Let's take full advantage of its availability during our speed workout tomorrow. 

4 x 300 yards with 200 yards walking rest between efforts:  The 300s are shuttle spints similar to the wod from the 2012 CF Games.  The 300s will be performed on the football field. Start on the goal line, run to the 50 turn, run back to the goal line turn, run the 100yd length of the field, turn at the goal line, run back across the field to the original goal line.  The focus of the 50s is the first 5 steps and the turn (two handed touch on the field).  The focus of the 100s is your breathing and form.  Remember, these are sprints and they will hurt. 


Football Field Tabata:  8 x 100 yards - Goal line to goal line Tabata (with 10 seconds REST between effots).  The 8 x 100 yards are 100% efforts between goal line and goal line.  Count 10 seconds rest then repeat for 8 rounds. 

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