Sunday, August 4, 2013


2013 CrossFit Games Burden Run Starting Line

Do you think it's a coincidence that Maddox, Khalipa, Fisher, Chan, and Froning are all on front line?

Endurance Workout
Foothill Track
Monday, Aug-5, @7pm

Intermediate Distance
5x (200m, 300m, 100m)
Total distance: 3000m

Long Distance
7x (200m, 300m, 100m)
Total distance: 4200m

Each round is a continuous 600m effort.  No stopping.

200m pace:  Medium effort = Jog
300m pace:  Hard effort = I will provide each athlete their pace range.
100m pace:  Easy effort = Walk

Rest:  No more than 15sec  between rounds in order to maintain 300m pace. Ideally, you will run this workout with zero rest. The 300m pace is not a sprint.

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