Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Question:  How do I run faster without running more distance?
Answer:  Balance your training stimuli.

The top priority for NorCal Endurance athletes is their biomechanics.  Our secondary focus is the quality of their programming.  A runner must focus on their biomechanics as well as their programming in order to maximize their performance.  Poor programming usually lacks balance.

The top focus should be the balance between aerobic and anaerobic conditioning.  CrossFit athletes must focus the majority of their running at lower intensities with small amounts maximum efforts.  The secondary focus should be on variation of workouts that should include long runs, short & long intervals, easy runs, steady state runs, threshold runs, fartlek runs, progressive runs, sprints, time trials, and hill repeats.  No stimulus should be over or underemphasized.

Wednesday, Aug-21 at 5pm
Foothill College Track

****I will also be on the Foothill College track on 8/22 at 6pm & 8/24 at 9am

Intermediate Distance
600m progressive run (start slow & end fast)
1 min rest
6x (100m ON : 200m OFF)
1 min rest
600m progressive run (start fast & end slow)

Long Distance
1000m progressive run (start slow & end fast)
1 min rest
8x (100m ON : 200m OFF)
1 min rest
1000m progressive run (start fast & end slow)

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