Sunday, August 11, 2013


Jason made a huge move in the Burden Run after mile 1, going from 30th to 17th place.
Form analysis:  Excellent vision, alignment of head, spine & hips, solid wrists,
stable midline with no break at the hips.  
We have been doing A LOT of hard work on the track these past few months.  All athletes need a period of mental and physical recovery.  Last week, we slowed down our intensity and began the process of rebuilding our foundation.  We will continue to focus on our training on developing our stamina and strength.  

Monday, Aug-12 at 7pm
Foothill College Track

Intermediate Distance
1000m (pace to be provided), 400m jog
Rest 1 min
5 x 300m with 100m walking rest (same pace as 1000m).

Long Distance
1600m (pace to be provided) with 400m jog
Rest 1 min
6 x 400m with 100m waking rest (same pace as 1600m)

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