Saturday, November 16, 2013


Alex, Neal, and Jason running our 500m interval workout

Foothill College Track

Monday, Nov-18 at 5pm

Intermediate Distance
6 x 600m (400 ON: 200m OFF) with 2 min rest between efforts

Long Distance
6 x 800m (600m ON: 200m OFF) with 2 min rest between efforts

This workout will focus on the active recovery during the OFF phase.  CrossFit athletes must learn how to recover during active efforts.  The recovery during this workout will be difficult due to the exertion of the ON phase.  Yes - we will be pushing the intensity of the ON intervals.  Each athlete will be given personalized paces so that your exertion will hit your anaerobic threshold on your final rounds.  The OFF pace will be the core of the workout.  Each 200m OFF will be timed.  All 6 rounds should have the same 200m OFF duration.

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