Wednesday, January 1, 2014

HAPPY 2014

The NorCal Endurance home track.

No workout on New Years Day.  We will be joining the NorCal coaches for our 2nd workout this week!!

Foothill College Track

Friday, Jan-3 at 8am

Intermediate & Long Distance
2x (300m, rest 60sec, 300m jog, rest 60sec, 300m, rest 60sec, 300m walk)
2min add’l rest
4x (50m acceleration, 150m sprint, 30sec rest, 200m slow jog, 60sec rest)
Total:  4000m

Workout Detail:  The core of this workout is the 150s.  The 150s will have an perceived exertion of 88-90, 90-92, 92-95, & 95-98%. These will be flying start intervals - meaning that the interval will start 50m prior (acceleration) to the actual 150m starting line.  I want you hitting the starting line at your perceived exertion speed. The 150s are controlled intervals so that you retain your form. 

Workout Pacing:  The first 300 in each round will be at a controlled pace.  You will be free to fly on your second 300.  I will provide each athlete target times for each 300.

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