Tuesday, January 21, 2014

More Lactate Threshold

Molly was 100% focused during the 1 mile double 36lb KB carry at the OCT

Foothill College Track
Wednesday, Jan-22 at 5pm

Intermediate and Long Distance
5min ON, 3min easy jog, 1min rest
4min ON, 2min easy jog, 1min rest
3min ON, 1min easy jog, 1min rest
2min ON, 30sec easy jog, 1min rest
1min ON

We have been doing a lot of lactate threshold (lower intensity) pacing during our past few workouts.  This workout will continue to build on this pacing strategy that is targeting your 10,000m tempo.  The ON portion of this workout is programmed to be performed just below your lactate threshold pace.  I will provide each athlete their lactate threshold pacing.

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