Sunday, February 9, 2014


I still can't wrap my head around who I trained with today.

Foothill College Track

Monday, Feb-10 at 5pm (class will be cancelled if it is raining at 4pm)

Intermediate and Long Distance
Strength Endurance Workout - Sleds & Plyometric Exercises
2-3 rounds with full recovery between rounds
1.     100m heavy sled walk
2.     Broad jumps (15 yards)
3.     30m light weight sled sprint
4.     One leg power jumps (15 yards)
5.     70m moderate weight sled jog
6.     10/10 jumps (40 yards)
7.     100m heavy sled walk
8.     10 squat jumps
9.     200m moderate tempo run at 75% of max speed
10. 10 tuck jumps
11. 300m fast tempo shuttle sprint (run 50m, hand touch past line, turn & run 50m back to start, touch, turn & run 100m, touch, turn & run back 100m back to starting point).  Same as in 2012 Games

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