Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Workout Dedicated to Dana!!

Dana Newell has been involved with NorCal CFE since Day 1.  Dana is a huge supporter of the NorCal CFE program.  Although Dana is focusing her coaching time at NorCal CF Mt View, I'm hoping she can once again join us at the Foothill track for an occasional speed workout - her favorite.  

Sprint Workout:  Wednesday, May-15, 7pm at Foothill College Track

5 x 150m:  The 150s will have an perceived exertion of 92, 94, 96, 98, 100% max efforts.  These will be flying start intervals - meaning that the interval will start 10m prior to the actual 150m start.  I want you hitting the starting line at top speed.  (400m jog between efforts + 2 min add'l rest)

The purpose of this workout is to give the runner an indication of their 400m speed.  Track athletes and coaches have been using the following formula to predict 400m times for years.  

As example, my flying start 150m time is 20.3 seconds which gives me a flying start 200m of 27 seconds (20.3 x 1.333).  To calculate my predicted 200m time with starting blocks - I would add 1sec of time for a total of 28 seconds.  To get my 400 predicted time, I would double my 28 second (200m predicted time) + add 4sec for a total time of 60 seconds.

Come out to the Foothill track and let's get your 400m predicted time!!

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