Monday, May 27, 2013

Congratulations Kedar!!

Today's Memorial Day Workout:  100 yards on the football field x10, x9, x8, x7, x6, x5, x4, x3, x2, x1 (or 5029 meters) at your tempo pace.  Rest 30 seconds after each set.  

However...   Kedar asked if he could run 3000m for time today!! 

The 3000 is the real deal.  It is a true measurement of your endurance capacity.  The 3000 requires superior aerobic conditioning plus a developed tolerance to lactic acid.  I classify the 3000 as a long distance track event.  

Kedar has an incredible endurance story.  He has been extremely committed to getting better at his running and improving his aerobic capacity.  I still remember Kadar's first 400 meter time trial when he ran 2:18.  Kadar works hard every workout and his payoff has been staggering.  

Today he ran his 3000 meters with an average 400m split of 2:10.  Awesome!!

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