Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Stride Rate or Stride Length???

Our workout tonight will focus on the importance of stride rate.

This workout was inspired by Matt Chan - 2nd place overall at the 2012 CrossFit Games.  Although Matt has solid running biomechanics, we have been doing a lot of stride analysis to improve speed and efficiency.  

Speed = Stride Rate + Stride Length

Matt's primary focus has been on increasing his stride rate.  Stride rate is a much more efficient form of running especially for running based CrossFit workouts.  CrossFit athletes that focus on stride length for speed will burn more power and strength.  Increasing stride rate requires a fast ankle pull back under your center of mass.  Sound familiar???  

World class 100m sprinters have stride rates of 300/min.

Wednesday, May-22 Speed Workout:  

Perceived Exertion:  
1 x 100 meters (at 60%, 70%, & 80%) with 100 meters walking rest between efforts.  
***We will be recording times and converting to a mile pace.

Stride Rate and Stride Length:
2 x 100 meters (at 80%, 90%, 100%) with flying start.  Full recovery between efforts
***We will be counting our individual strides during each 100m plus recording our finishing times.  And yes, I will have a table to convert your total strides into stride length plus a table to convert your times into stride rate per minute.  

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