Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Gustavo getting ready for his 10K in a month.

Foothill College Track

Wednesday, Oct-30 at 5pm

Intermediate Distance
6 x 200 meters hill intervals

Long Distance
6 x 300 meters hill intervals

This is not programmed as a max effort workout.  Stay in control and retain your running form.  

Look straight ahead (not down or at the finish), keep your shoulders relaxed, your hands should be loose (not fists), lean slightly forward (don’t slouch at the shoulders or break at the hips), hips should be forward, your elbows should have 90-degree bends, arms swing straight back and forth (not across the body), think mid-foot strike with a short stride length.

Rest equals an easy slow jog/walk down to the start for full recovery.   

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