Sunday, October 13, 2013


Foothill College Track

Monday, Oct-14 at 5pm

4 x 100m (65, 70, 75, & 85% PE) w/ 50m easy walk/jog between efforts.
2 x 200m (80 & 85% PE) w/ 100m walk/jog between effort
2 min rest
4 x 150m (90, 92, 95, and 98% PE) w/ 50m walk + 2min add'l rest between efforts
2 x 400m (60% PE recovery jogs) w/ 200m walk between efforts

The core of this workout is the 150s.  The 150s will have an perceived exertion of 90, 92, 95 and 98%.  These will be flying start intervals - meaning that the interval will start 10m prior to the actual 150m start.  I want you hitting the starting line at your PE speed. These are controlled intervals so that you retain your form.

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