Tuesday, April 1, 2014

1st Annual NC Endurance Track Meet

Foothill Jr College Track

Wednesday, Apr-2 Starting @5:30 and 6:00pm

New NC Endurance members
200m jog, 300m run, 100m walk
The number of rounds will depend on your running experience.
Your rest is the 100m walk

Intermediate & Long Distance Workout
Event 1:  1x Mile for time
Event 2:  1x 400m for time

Workout Details:  Our workout tonight will be like a track meet where everyone will be competing in the mile and the 400m.  

We will perform an extended warm-up, agree on your mile target time, perform 2x200m & 1x400m at slightly faster than your target mile pace (with full recovery between efforts).  Then run the mile for time.  

After the mile, each athlete will perform a full warm-down and have no more than 30min total recovery time until their 400m event.  We will review the strategy for maximizing your 400m performance after the mile.  We will perform another warm-up with 100m stride outs.  Then get after your final event at the 1st Annual NC Endurance Track Meet.

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