Tuesday, December 10, 2013

400 x 400

We didn't need to turn around.  We all just knew he was coming and made sure he was free to fly. 

Foothill College Track

Wednesday, Dec-11 at 5pm

Intermediate Distance
4 rounds
400m, 60sec rest, 400m, 2min rest

Long Distance
5 rounds
400m, 60sec rest, 400m 2min rest

Workout Details:  This workout will be performed by completing the 400m interval, followed by the 60sec rest, followed by the 2nd 400m interval, and then the 2min rest.  You will repeat this cycle for the prescribed number of rounds.  I will be providing the 400m pace ranges for each athlete.  

Workout Tip:  Stay on pace for those early rounds and don't waist that rest.  The workout distance will stack and that final round will be difficult.  

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  1. Good morning Chris
    How do you establish a pace of an athlete? Do we start with PR time for the distance and add a few second at it?