Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I'm so fortunate to coach some of the fittest athletes in the world.
Dave Lipson, Taz Barber, Miranda Oldroyd, Camille LeBlanc, Garret Fisher, Alessandra Pichelli, Molly Biss

Foothill College Track

Wednesday, Dec-4 at 5pm

Intermediate & Long Distance
  1. Part 1:  6 x 90sec ON:10sec OFF
  2. Part 2:  6 x 150m with flying starts with 200m walk between efforts
  3. Part 3:  2 x 300m shuttle sprints with 400m walk between efforts.  Description:  Sprint to the 50, turn and return to start, turn sprint to the 100, turn & sprint back to the original start). 

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