Thursday, December 26, 2013

NorCal Coaches & NorCal Endurance Workout

Jaime and Andrew Fisher (yes...Garret's bro) joined Gustavo, Garret, and Jason at 6:30am Christmas Eve track workout.

Foothill College Track

Friday, Dec-27 at 8am

Several of the NorCal coaches will be joining this holiday workout.  The workout will be fast and the track will be crowded with runners flexing their radness.  Hope to see you bright and early.

Intermediate & Long Distance
2x (600m, 400m, 300m, 200m)
Rest after 600:  2min
Rest after 400:  90sec
Rest after 300:  1min
Rest after 200:  30sec
800m easy jog between rounds
Total:  4600m

Workout Pace Targets:  

The workout tempo must be consistent from round-to-round and interval-to-interval.    Target a pace slightly slower than your current mile time.

Workout Details: 
Run 600m, rest 2min, run 400m, rest 90sec, run 300m, rest 1min, run 200m, rest 30sec, slow jog 800m, flying start into next round.  Repeat.

Workout Specifics:
This is not intended to be a high intensity (anaerobic) track workout.  Although your tempo will be high, your breathing should always be in control. 

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