Friday, November 14, 2014


Jill showing how she memorizes the NC Endurance workout.

Foothill Community College Track
Saturday, Nov-15, at 9:00am

Intermediate and Long Distance Workouts

1 x 1600m (1200m at a moderate tempo/400m at a hard 90-93% effort)
4min rest
1 x 1200m (900m at a moderate tempo/300m at a very hard 93-95% effort)
4min rest
1 x 800m (600m at a moderate tempo/200m at a hard to max 95-98% effort)
4min rest
1 x 400m (300m at a moderate tempo/100m at a 100% max effort)

Workout Details:  I want to thank Coach Ryan for this workout.  It's a good one!!  The core of this workout is the closing hard efforts for each interval. The goal is to learn how to perform a fast finishing kick. Although no paces will be provided, a good starting point for the opening 1200m is a pace that's about 1min/mile slower than your mile PR pace. The moderate and "kick" efforts must get progressively faster from round to round.  So....have a game plan before you start.  

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  1. Unfortunately I've been out this week and won't be memorizing the workout for Saturday either. Instead, I'll be sailing! See you all next week. :)