Sunday, March 1, 2015


Chyna and Molly 4500m into their 5000m run.  

Foothill Community College Track
Monday, Mar-2, 5:30 to 7:00pm

Intermediate & Long Distance Workout
5x200m w/ 60sec rest b/t reps
5min rest
4x200m w/ 60sec rest b/t reps
5min rest
3x200m w/ 60sec rest b/t reps

Workout Pacing:  The personalized paces will be provided on the track.  The tempo for this workout will be fast.  The sticky point of this workout will be the 8th interval.  The goal for this workout is to have your pace (finishing time) within each round stay consistent.  In addition, the finishing times from round 1 to round 2 to round 3 should get faster.

Workout Details:  We will start each 200 on the turn.  We will be focusing on our start, drive, and acceleration during the first 30m of each interval.

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