Friday, January 23, 2015


Nicole, Dave, Camille, Heidi, Coach, Cherie, Matt testing their fitness.

NC Endurance will be meeting at the Stanford Track
Location: Angel Field. 295 Galves St, Stanford, CA 94305
Saturday, Jan-24, 10:30 to noon

Intermediate & Long Distance Workouts
7 rounds:  200m (or 40sec) hard run, CrossFit Exercise, 200m (or 40sec) hard run.
Rest: 2 minutes b/t round

Workout Details: Each round will start with a 200 meter hard effort, then a crossfit exercise, then you will sprint back to the original starting point. Each round should be less than 2 minutes of effort.

CrossFit Exercise:
Round 1: 12 Burpees
Round 2: 10 Jumping Split Lunges
Round 3: 8 Knee to Chest Jumps
Round 4: 6 Broad Jumps
Round 5: 8 Knee to Chest Jumps
Round 6: 10 Jumping Split Lunges
Round 7: 12 Burpees

Thanks Coach Ryan for the workout!!!

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